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From 1971 to the present, Yamato Transport Ltd. has had Masao Ogura in charge as its president. He attempted to discover the root cause of the low profits of the organization. It had been general industry knowledge that "Small package delivery costs more." It would be logical to believe that delivering a small box multiple times would be similar to delivering a huge item once. He declared "TA-Q-BIN Development Guideline" as part of his internal development plan in 1975. You must consider your customer's needs before making a decision. usually believed to be a persistant, long-term system continue to offer better and more consistent service than others shipper or shipment to be unspecified Develop a comprehensive rationale for your decision After studying the five rules (that supposedly created TA-Q-BIN), the so-called genesis of TA-Q-BIN was able to assist the working group, especially the younger generation, in creating the new services.

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