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To be a corporation that builds the "next method of travel" to lead the time and contribute to a sustainable society. The Yamato Group was set up in 1919 to develop innovations to meet the latest demands of the time, including Japan's first regular logistics shipping business and the development of the TA-Q-BIN, which started as individual plots and developed to support back orders, mail-orders and business-to-business parcels. Today, we have around four thousand logistics bases, 57,000 trucks and 220,000 people, across Yamato Group, and by building a fine and flexible logistical network across Japan, we operate as part of our social infrastructure to resolve our customers' and societal challenges. On the basis of YAMATO NEXT100, a large mid to long-term management design in the Yamato Group, we want to become a firm that makes our customers' lives more convenient and offers a complete new supply chain that helps our company's business and management decisions.

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