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The TCI XPS business was founded in 1996 as one of the company's most respected divisions. Today, TCI XPS has been split into two separate entities and will now be known as TCI EXPRESS LIMITED, an independent business that is publicly traded on the Indian stock markets. Cargo distribution here is about having more emphasis on e-commerce. Their goal is to provide complete solutions for certain periods of time. With over 3500 experts and more than 40000 pickup and delivery sites, they are the only express cargo business in India with its own setup and workforce throughout the country. TCIEXPRESS has been created to revise the definition of express services. No matter where you are in India or the globe, their services are always delivered as quickly as possible. A longtime industry pioneer, TCIEXPRESS has been recognized for trust and honesty since the company was founded. Customers have always driven the company's decision-making, and as a result, the company has focused on delivering exceptional customer service. The transport system, TCIEXPRESS, should be customer-oriented, multi-technology, and have a proven commitment to excellence in every facet of activity. In addition, the company must hold value-based policies to satisfy society's aspirations, customers' needs, vendors' requirements, and employees' wants.

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