TM Test

Track TM Test shipments

TrackMage Test carrier. Use the following test tracking numbers: TM404000000000001TM – Error (code: error) TM418000000000001TM – Pre Transit (code: pre_transit) TM403000000000001TM – No Info (code: no_info) TM102000000000001TM – In Transit (code: in_transit) TM204000000000001TM – Delivery in Progress (code: delivery_in_progress) TM200000000000001TM – Delivered (code: delivered) TM410000000000001TM – Unsuccessful Delivery (code: unsuccessful_delivery) TM500000000000001TM – Error (code: error) TM502000000000001TM – Exception (code: exception) TM503000000000001TM – Expired (code: expired) TM202000000000001TM – Available for Pickup (code: available_for_pickup) TM100000000000001TM – Cancelled (code: cancelled) TM302000000000001TM – Return to Sender (code: return_to_sender) TM413000000000001TM – Transit Limit Exceeded (code: transit_limit_exceeded)

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