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Usky Express was founded in Dubai, UAE, in 2010 as a United Arab Emirates Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. The company's founding members have more than 15 years of expertise in international logistics. The management team is made up of professionals from Aramex and SKYNET. Rooted in Dubai, concentrating on the transport of sea and air, customs clearance in the Arab area, and delivery services. The business coverage includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, India, etc. The business has concentrated since its inception on the Middle East and has its own network covering six Gulf nations. It features a sophisticated logistics management system and complete track updates. The WMS system offers warehousing services to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Emirates Logistics Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. has developed and continually updated logistics solutions. Logistics services can fulfill the requirements of different kinds of clients in response to the market demand in the Middle East. Five sets of logistics solutions have become the only domestic channel in the Middle East, a complete all-around supplier of logistics. Included products include Middle East Express Line, Middle East E-commerce package COD Collector's Department, Middle East Double Clearing Tax, Middle East Overseas Warehouse, Middle East FBA.

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