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Yimidida is the group's express brand. It is a global logistics company focused on delivering cost-effective goods and services to consumers. It is primarily involved in the national road logistics company. Yimidida began as a regional alliance, extended its autonomous province network "B network" further and established a self-built 'A network' for the national network, and eventually created an innovative enterprise integration of the A-B model. Nian 6 Yue, a one-meter network spanning 31 provinces, was established in 2021. It has over 15,000 outlets, over 1,200 trunk lines, over 1,500 vehicles, over 100 distribution centers, almost 1.5 million square meters of operating space, and 15,000 national workers. YMDD is a client-oriented company that always starts with "Yi Nuoda, Yi Mi Small Pieces, Tick to Door, Standard Express, Yi Mi Heavy Goods and Next Morning Delivery" while also providing a payment collection and insured shipping. Customer services are provided through value-added goods such as recipes, door-to-door delivery, secure packing, SMS notification, etc. Yimidida, Yinhe System, has created a core business management system independently that completely supports the company's fast growth with the idea of "standardized operation, customized management, and intelligent management." Yimidida has formulated three pricing strategies, two settlement systems, multi-product, multi-level settlement supports and supports 8 payments modes, 28 value-added services, the business system through hundreds of configurations and support services for fast implementation. At the same time, the company's developed system of station management and routing management system, full-time management system, reverse calculation management system, complete link control system, management cockpit, OneNet APP to facilitate the work of various business lines and helps to provide the best services. As a socially responsible business, Yimidida has evolved quickly without losing sight of its social responsibilities and duties, taking the initiative to make a contribution to society and to be a caring firm.

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