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Shanghai Yiyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. relies on high-quality resources at home and abroad to build a number of high-quality dedicated lines. Its core product cross-border B2C commercial dedicated lines cover Europe and the United States. It has a wide range of services, sufficient space, clear and traceable trajectory throughout, and high-cost performance. The business adheres to consumer focus, fulfills logistical requirements of international e-commerce, and generates value for the cross-border sectors. Shanghai Yiyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. adheres to the attitude of not forgetting the original intention and helps more outstanding Chinese enterprises to go to the world. The concept of interest---customer's interest first. Satisfying the interests of customers is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of our common interests and maintaining the balance of interests of all parties, so that the interests of enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, cooperators, and all parties in society can be satisfied to the greatest extent.

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