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Southeast Asian cross-border logistics solutions using Yunlu supply chain layout In recent years, China's cross-border e-commerce industry has grown significantly as a result of the "One Belt, One Road" program. The country's cross-border e-commerce in 2016 saw a total transaction volume of $6.3 trillion. The country's import and export cross-border e-commerce transactions are projected to exceed eight trillion yuan by 2018. The fast growth of cross-border e-commerce has provided opportunities for development in cross-border logistics as well. Other logistical clearance problems have emerged as well. The full name of Yunlu Supply Chain Company is Yunlu Supply Chain Company A southeast Asian Cloud-based One Belt One Road logistics service platform that actively participates in the national One Belt One Road plan and was co-created with the express carrier J&T of Indonesia. In addition, it is part of the J&T EXPRESS Group. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam are the countries the company operates in. Yunlu Supply Chain has broken the logistic problems that exist in Southeast Asia and, as the first cross-border logistics service provider, has developed the first logistics transportation system from international cargo pickup, delivery, customs clearance, and transshipment to best delivery and receipt.

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