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Zajil Express (L.L.C.), an entrepreneurial icon in Saudi Arabia, has expanded its transport and logistics operations and is considered one of the leading enterprises in the region. Based in 1999 in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia with headquarters in Riyadh, the capital Zajil focuses on land shipping and transport of goods and missions to Saudi Arabia (LIC # 040211002300). The company was purchased in 2009 by Kadi Group Holding (Closed Joint Stock Company) with the aim to build and develop the company at all levels in line with leading international players. 2014. 2014. Zajil covers most of the regions of Saudi Arabia with 28 branch offices in the major cities with the aim of easing access by sending and receiving its parcel to its customers. Because of his huge success in Saudi, Zajil expanded its office in Dubai in the UAE and plans to expand and expand its GCC operations.

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