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In 2017, Guangdong Zhuozhi Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. formed Guangzhou Zhuozhi Express as a subsidiary and appointed their Guangzhou offices as their main office. The digital intelligent express platform developed by Zhuo Zhi Express is focused on providing cross-border e-commerce businesses with efficient digital express solutions. The platform is dedicated to serving as a digital intelligent express service provider for new retail ventures. The company has offices in China warehouse Australia, America, Japan, New Zealand, and France. There are overseas warehouses in more than ten transportation hub cities such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong. The business includes collection and distribution, overseas traceability, sorting, and packaging, etc. Zhuozhi Express focuses on package import and export logistics business, covering cross-border BC import and export, express import and export, international special line, and other logistics services, and can provide package import and export enterprises with comprehensive, efficient, and professional integrated service solutions. With an intelligent customs declaration system and complete API docking technology, it has completed docking with well-known domestic e-commerce platforms. They aim to provide comprehensive, efficient, and stable cross-border services for cross-border e-commerce companies in many cities across the country. Among them, Guangzhou Nansha, Guangzhou Huangpu, Changsha, and other places are operators of BC customs clearance stations, and the on-site operation is efficient. In the future, cross-border e-commerce services will be extended to other cities in China.

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