September 08, 2023
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Customer Email Verification for Instant 10% Sales Boost

Did you know that up to 30% of all emails your customers enter on checkout or when registering on your eCommerce website are inaccurate? The consequences are more severe than you can imagine. The worst thing is that you are unaware of the sales and reputation losses until it’s too late.

In this article, you’ll learn how TrackMage customer email verification will boost your sales by 10% almost instantly, protect you from bad reviews, and establish your online store as a reliable shopping place.

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Customer Email Verification: Turbocharge Your Ecommerce with 10% More Sales

Customer Email Verification to Check Email Accuracy

Email validation in eCommerce is the process of verifying the accuracy of an email address entered by a customer or potential buyer. Customers’ email verification is achieved via automated systems that check for common typos, the existence of the email domain, and the overall deliverability of an email to that address.

Surprising Statistics on Email Accuracy

Here are five statistical insights related to email accuracy and its implications:

  1. Bounce Rate Concerns (Litmus, 2019): According to a study by Litmus in 2019, average email bounce rates across industries stood at a significant 0.7%. This seemingly small percentage can equate to thousands of missed opportunities, especially for large-scale campaigns, leading to potential revenue loss and a dented brand reputation.
  2. Sales Impacts (AtData, former TowerData, 2020): TowerData revealed in 2020 that around 10% of emails entered into databases are invalid. Inaccurate email addresses directly affect campaign effectiveness, potentially translating to a 10% loss in potential sales.
  3. Trust and Deliverability (Return Path, 2018): Return Path’s 2018 study highlighted that for brands with poor sender reputations, nearly 25% of emails will not reach the recipient’s inbox. This lack of reliability can severely harm a brand’s trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers.
  4. Missed Revenue (DMA, 2017): The Data & Marketing Association’s research in 2017 showed that, on average, businesses could be losing as much as $15,000 in monthly revenue due to issues related to email deliverability, primarily stemming from inaccuracies.
  5. Brand Perception (Adobe, 2021): In 2021, Adobe’s Email Usage Study underlined that 50% of consumers prefer to communicate with brands via email over other channels. However, receiving irrelevant, excessive, or misdirected emails could lead them to perceive the brand negatively, emphasizing the importance of accurate email targeting.

5 Severe Consequences of Invalid Emails for Ecommerce Businesses

Undelivered emails directly affect your bottom line. Missed communications lead to lost sales and frustrated customers. It’s a problem that’s more than just technical glitches; it seriously harms your brand’s image.

Accurate email delivery is essential, and the good news is that there are ways to enhance customer email accuracy effectively. First, let’s see the five severe consequences you suffer (probably unaware of) when your customer enters an inaccurate email during checkout or while registering.

Lost Revenue and Conversion Opportunities Due to Erroneous Emails

Mistyped emails aren’t just annoying errors; they directly affect your eCommerce financial health. Each time a potential customer fails to receive a promotional email or a vital communication due to an error, you lose a sales opportunity. Cumulatively, missed chances significantly reduce potential revenue. It’s a double blow: not only do you lose a sale, but you also waste resources on an email that never reaches its intended recipient.

Shoppers Typos Cause Downward Spiral of Customer Satisfaction

When emails bounce or get lost in cyberspace, the immediate casualty is customer satisfaction. If potential buyers show interest in your products or services but never hear back, their perception of your brand diminishes. A one-time communication glitch can translate into long-term disengagement, causing customers to migrate to competitors. In an era where brand loyalty is hard-won, ensuring uninterrupted communication becomes paramount. With every email missed, the bridge of trust with your audience erodes more, jeopardizing future sales and brand image.

Incorrect email: Hidden Burden on Customer Support

Every undelivered email becomes a potential support ticket. Customers may flood your support channels with queries, complaints, and concerns when they don’t receive the expected emails. This influx strains your support team, increases response time, and escalates operational costs. As your team scrambles to address the surge, the support quality might suffer, leading to further dissatisfaction. A clear communication process reduces the strain on resources and ensures that your team focuses on providing exceptional service.

Damaged Sender Reputation For Sending to Wrong Email Adresses

Your eCommerce business’s reputation largely depends on your email service. Frequently sending emails to invalid addresses paints a negative picture. Over time, even genuine emails may end up in the spam folder. When your emails are marked as spam, the chances of vital communication reaching customers will further diminish. If the detrimental trend continues unchecked, email providers will flag your domain, leading to more significant deliverability issues and tarnishing your brand image.

Incorrect Customers Emails Reduce Overall Engagement

Effective communication is the backbone of customer engagement. Customers who fail to receive essential emails due to address errors feel disconnected from your brand. Decreased buyer loyalty results in devastating sales losses. A consistent and error-free communication channel ensures that your buyers always feel valued and engaged.

Data Inaccuracy Caused by Faulty Emails

Basing strategic decisions on inaccurate data is detrimental to your eCommerce strategy. Erroneous emails muddy the waters of analytics. You risk making misguided decisions if you assess campaign reach or engagement metrics using flawed data. An accurate email list ensures that the metrics you study genuinely reflect customer behavior, allowing for more informed and beneficial business strategies.

Buyers’ Spelling and Typos Increase Your Operational Costs

Bounced emails have a hidden cost that goes beyond missed opportunities. Each bounce represents a failure to reach your customer. Resources spent in the process, including server efforts, email campaign costs, and manual follow-ups, are not small. Continually directing your eCommerce email flows to invalid addresses skyrockets operational expenses. As your business scales, costs accumulate rapidly, leading to a significant financial drain. Adding an email verification feature to your eCommerce website saves time and money, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Aiming for Perfection: Importance of Achieving 100% Email Accuracy

Given the statistics and evident consequences of inaccurate customer emails, achieving 100% email accuracy is paramount for your eCommerce store. Every erroneous email impacts your business’s bottom line and reputation. Integrating a reliable email validation tool isn’t just recommended; it’s vital for sustained eCommerce success. Ensure communication efficiency and protect your brand’s credibility.

Importance of Achieving 100% Email Accuracy

There are two primary ways to achieve 100% email accuracy in your eCommerce business.

  • First, you could opt for manual verification, where you monitor whether customers respond to your emails. However, this method is both time-consuming and susceptible to errors.
  • The more efficient alternative is to integrate an automated system, such as a widget, plugin, or addon, to validate customer email while they are entering it. The feature should work in real-time, checking email addresses when buyers are at the checkout, subscribing to a mailing list with a lead magnet, or registering on your site.

The email validation checker not only optimizes accuracy but also enhances the user experience and trust.

Key Features of the Best Free Email Verification Tool

When searching for the best free email validation tools, there are certain key features you should prioritize to ensure you will get the most accurate and efficient results:

  1. Accuracy and Real-time Verification: The tool should be able to detect and correct misspellings, domain errors, and other common mistakes in real time.
  2. Integration Capabilities: The email validation feature must integrate with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Zapier, etc.
  3. Domain and SMTP Verification: The tool should verify whether the domain exists and if the SMTP server is functional.
  4. Syntax and Format Check: It must ensure that the email address follows a valid format and structure.
  5. Rate Limiting: Even if it’s free, the email checker should offer a reasonable number of queries per day or month.
  6. User-friendly Interface: Your email validator should have a clean, intuitive interface so you will easily navigate and understand the results.
  7. Support and Documentation: The email validation tool should have adequate support resources or documentation to help users understand and navigate the features.

Use all the important email validator features listed above to find the optimal tool that will enhance the quality and efficiency of your eCommerce email messages.

A Closer Look at TrackMage’s Email Verification Functionalities

Let’s dive deeper into the world of TrackMage’s email validation widget, a powerhouse tool you can freely test for 14 days. After the trial, it comes bundled with TrackMage’s monthly order tracking subscription, starting at an affordable $10/month.

TrackMage's Email Verification Functionalities

The Unfortunate Event: A Typo Sneaks In

Every now and then, typos happen. TrackMage’s email verification tool detects when shoppers accidentally misspell emails, ensuring a minor mistake doesn’t disrupt the customer journey.

Alert and Assistance: The Spelling Check Prompt

Immediately after a typo, the system alerts the customer. TrackMage’s intuitive prompt suggests the potential correct spelling, making the process seamless. Below the email field on your eCommerce website (or somewhere you customize it to appear), the notification will come to view so the buyer becomes aware the typo might have happened. You’ll also be able to customize which message will be shown to your customer.

Correcting the Course: The Customer Rectifies the Mistake

Customers have the power to correct any mistakes. TrackMage’s system facilitates easy error correction, ensuring accurate email entry.

Guidance to the Rescue: The Helpful Suggestion Prompt

Sometimes, it’s the domain that gets mistyped. The customer email verification not only identifies this but also provides copy/paste suggestions based on popular email providers, guiding consumers to the right choice.

For example, if a buyer types “gmaile” or “bmail”, the TrackMage email validator will display the notification: “If you wanted to enter, please correct your spelling; otherwise, ignore this message and proceed”. Customers can easily copy and paste the correct domain name, appreciating your effort to improve and simplify the tedious checkout process.

Behind the Scenes: Insightful Activity Logs by TrackMage

Transparency is vital. TrackMage meticulously logs backend activities, offering invaluable insights. Any email-related query can be addressed accurately, enhancing your brand’s credibility.

Despite the email validation message, a small percentage of buyers will not correct the email. If you check the email validation logs regularly, you’ll find lost opportunities and prevent waste. Create personalized emails and send them as soon as possible. The quicker you react, the fewer the chances of lost sales, bad reviews, and a poor brand reputation.

Ensuring Image Reception: Checking Email Address Image Receiving Capability

Some email addresses can’t receive images. TrackMage checks this capability, ensuring your rich media emails are delivered perfectly, enhancing the user experience and engagement.

Check the TrackMage customer email verification logs once a week. If you notice emails with image protection, send personalized messages using plain text. Get creative, and your conversions will remain high. Images are a powerful marketing tool, but strong messages can also convert effectively.

Are you ready to try TrackMage for free? If yes, click:

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If not, please discover some additional wonderful benefits our custom email verification provides for your eCommerce business.

Technical Requirements for TrackMage’s Email Validator

Achieving seamless email validation doesn’t have to be technically daunting. TrackMage ensures that businesses, regardless of tech proficiency, benefit from pinpoint email accuracy. Here’s what you need to know about the technical requirements:

No Credit Card for the Free Trial

Venture into TrackMage’s 14-day free trial with peace of mind. Registration only demands a valid email address, and yes, our widget will guide you to enter it flawlessly. Plus, there’s the option of registering via Google or Shopify.

No Coding Skills Needed

Experience simplicity at its best. TrackMage’s email validation tool stands out with its user-friendly design. Just be acquainted with your website’s domain name, and you’re ready to roll. Check out how easy it is to add email validation to your eCommerce website.

TrackMage Customer email verification widget to check buyers email accuracy

Click on the image to enlarge

Fully Customizable Widget

Your brand deserves consistency. Personalize the widget to mirror your brand’s uniqueness. Whether you’re looking to alter color, position, or error message, the options are extensive. Alternatively, lean on our pre-designed templates for inspiration.

Easily Embed Anywhere

Versatility shines here. Integrate the widget into a checkout page, a post, a landing page, or nestle it in a footer. With TrackMage, integration is streamlined, optimizing your website’s functionality.

Straightforward Documentation

We’ve got your back from start to finish. TrackMage’s comprehensive guides illuminate the onboarding process. Should you hit a snag, our proactive engineering team is on standby to assist, ensuring smooth sailing.

All the Benefits of TrackMage Including (but not only) Customer Email Verification

All the Benefits of TrackMage Including Customer Email Verification

Explore all the unique benefits you’ll get with the TrackMage app. From order tracking, upselling emails, gathering reviews, different widgets (including email validation), and much more. TrackMage is trusted by thousands of customers; check out all the reasons you should join our network now.

Boost Your Revenue with Accurate Emails

Typos in customer email addresses can result in a loss of up to 10% of your profits. What seems like a small error can significantly dent your revenue. The TrackMage email validation tool combats this issue, ensuring each provided email address is accurate. With TrackMage, aim for 100% email precision and secure your revenue streams.

Eliminate Hard Bounces

Boost your email deliverability to 100%. TrackMage’s email validator instantly identifies typos and misspelled words, offering immediate corrections. With email validation’s comprehensive activity logs, you get a second chance at flawless delivery. Say no to bounces and position your brand as consistently trustworthy.

Minimize Costs and Protect Your Brand

Bounced emails are more than lost communications – they’re a drain on your budget and a fast track to getting blacklisted. Blacklisting makes your emails land in the spam folder, crippling your campaigns. Don’t let undelivered emails erode your funds and reputation. With TrackMage, every email becomes a potential success, never a setback.

Forge Stronger Bonds with Your Customers

Small errors shouldn’t compromise your brand’s image. TrackMage’s email validator ensures vital emails, from order confirmations to product review gathering, consistently hit your customers’ inboxes. By enhancing communication, you not only increase engagement but also solidify your brand’s reputation. Deliver excellence with TrackMage. Your customers expect it, and your brand deserves the best.

What Happens After the Free Trial?

After your free trial, we’re confident you’ll want to join over 90% of our testers who opt for a subscription. Your choice among our four packages depends on your monthly orders, emails sent, tracking numbers used by buyers, tracking pages created, and team members you grant access to. Make the best pick for your needs!

Here are TrackMage pricing plans tailored to your needs.

Up to 100 monthly orders

TrackMage Pricing - up to 100 monthly orders -

$8,89/month or Save $18 and pay $7,41 per month on an annual basis

  • 100 Tracking Numbers per month
  • Extra Tracking Number cost $0.08
  • 1000 Email Validations per month
  • 2 Users
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Multiple Tracking Pages

100-500 monthly orders

TrackMage Pricing - up to 500 monthly orders

$28,89/month or Save $58 and pay $24,41 per mont on an annual basis

  • 500 Tracking Numbers per month
  • Extra Tracking Number cost $0.07
  • 5000 Email Validations per month
  • 3 Users
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Multiple Tracking Pages

500-2000 monthly orders

TrackMage Pricing - up to 2000 monthly orders

$98,89/month or Save $198 and pay $82,41 per mont on an annual basis

  • 2000 Tracking Numbers per month
  • Extra Tracking Number cost $0.06
  • 20.000 Email Validations per month
  • 5 Users
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Multiple Tracking Pages

2000-5000 monthly orders

TrackMage Pricing - up to 5000 monthly orders

$198,89/month or Save $398 and pay $165,74 per mont on an annual basis

  • 5000 Tracking Numbers per month
  • Extra Tracking Number cost $0.05
  • 50.000 Email Validations per month
  • 10 Users
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Multiple Tracking Pages

For large eCommerce businesses, with over 5,000 orders per month, TrackMage has a custom-made option. When you click on the “Request Your Custom Plan” button, you’ll be redirected to our calendar to schedule a 15-minute consultation with our engineering team. They’ll help you tailor the perfect plan for your needs.

TrackMage Pricing - over 5000 monthly orders - large eCommerce businesses

Conclusion: The Importance of Email Validation for Your Ecommerce Success

Email deliverability directly impacts your revenue. Hard bounces? They’re eating away up to 10% of your potential sales. TrackMage’s customer’s email validator identifies and corrects pesky typos on the fly, ensuring your messages always find the mark. But it’s not just about sales.

Missed emails tarnish your brand’s reputation and trust.

And let’s not forget the costs tied to bounces or the looming threat of blacklisting.

Every undelivered email is a missed opportunity and a hit to your budget. In this digital age, ensuring flawless communication is paramount.

Secure your brand’s credibility, fortify customer relationships, and maximize revenue streams. Dive into the world of 100% email accuracy with TrackMage Customer Email Verification to check buyers’ email accuracy.

In eCommerce, every detail matters; make sure emails are on your side.

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