September 11, 2023
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Ecommerce Order Tracking for Instant Sales Boost (over 10%)

Every eCommerce owner knows that shipping is the most nerve-wracking logistical aspect of the business. When the order leaves your store or warehouse, you lose control over it. And your customers await anxiously. The phone rings, and you are wasting time answering WISMO (where is my order) questions.
If anything goes wrong, you might fail your customer, gain poor reviews, lose potential referrals, and destroy your brand’s reputation. The only thing you can control is your relationship with a customer when the order is on its way. So, take control and boost your sales by over 10% instantly.
In this article, you’ll discover why order tracking is so important for your business, how to utilize it to grow your sales, and how to automate eCommerce order tracking, making it an integral part of your growing strategy.

Ecommerce Order Tracking

How to track orders in eCommerce

What is eCommerce order tracking?

Ecommerce order tracking is a system that allows customers to trace the progress of their online purchases from the moment they complete the checkout to delivery. It reduces buyers’ anxiety and increases brand reputation by offering timely updates on order status and expected arrival.
The best eCommerce order tracking software does not finish its job when a courier appears at the customers’ doors. Additional features can significantly improve profit margins, reduce the cost of acquiring new buyers, and increase rankings in internet searches.

8 Reasons You Should Integrate Order Tracking on Your eCommerce Website

Ecommerce order tracking benefits

You should (must) integrate an order tracking feature into your website for the following eight reasons.

Reduced delivery inquiries (WISMO) with real-time updates

Statistical data and case studies show that the order tracking feature reduces the time you spend communicating with buyers by up to 70%. When buyers can monitor orders’ progress, it reduces their waiting anxiety and the need to contact customer support. Transparency and automation decreases the number of “Where Is My Order?” queries, improve the post-purchase experience, and free up your customer service team.

The best eCommerce order tracking software can reduce shoppers’ queries by 90%. How much will you save on customer service? Your sales will skyrocket when you redirect and invest that money into your eCommerce business’s growth.

Enhance your customer service

Integrated tracking tools not only allow for order transparency but also demonstrate a commitment to open communication. Customers will feel valued when kept in the loop, enhancing the overall perception of your brand’s service quality.

Increase retention with proactive shipment tracking

Customer retention means keeping your customers coming back to do business with you again.

Proactively informing customers about their order status, potential delays, or other pertinent information will decrease frustration. It is important to anticipate and address the concerns of customers if you want them to return. By providing real time order tracking and addressing any issues promptly, you will build a loyal customer base that will choose your business over competitors over and over again.

Statistics show that order-tracking eCommerce email flows increase retention rates significantly. In February 2021. Forbes published that compared to typical marketing emails (with 10%–20% open rates), tracking notifications get open rates between 50% and 80%. If your order tracking emails have smartly embedded sales recommendations, three times more buyers will see your upsell messages. The math is clear. Your profit will rise by 10–15% by adding product recommendations to notification emails.

Integrate the eCommerce order tracking feature on your website, and you’ll achieve both goals: your buyers won’t be anxious, and they’ll be nudged to purchase more while reading notification messages.

Deliver a five-star post-purchase experience

Post-purchase is the period after the checkout. Statistics show that only 44% of all eCommerce businesses focus on the post-purchase experience. If you belong to that group, consider automating the process. You will not have to invest money and time, yet you’ll experience all the positive effects of delivering a superb post-purchase experience.

During the post-purchase phase, while your buyers await the order and are more eager to open your emails, there are steps you should take to increase sales.

  • Send order confirmation emails immediately after purchase to give your customers peace of mind. Introduce a detailed order tracking system to alleviate any delivery concerns they might have. Include personalized thank-you notes in emails to strengthen your bond with them and increase the conversion rate of your future emails.
  • Provide guidelines or tutorials for the products they’ve bought. Buyers will appreciate your effort to help them get the most out of ordered products. Additionally, statistics show that you’ll reduce the likelihood of returns due to misunderstandings.
  • Request feedback or conduct surveys after they’ve had some time with the product. The insights gathered will help refine your offerings and marketing efforts.
  • Offer special deals and loyalty points to encourage your buyer to shop again. Share exclusive content based on previous orders to showcase your expertise and add value.
  • Introduce your referee or VIP program.
  • Add easy-to-share links and images to your emails to spread word of mouth.

By taking these steps, you’ll improve the immediate post-purchase experience and lay the groundwork for a lasting relationship with your customers. Good eCommerce order tracking software allows you to automate all the tactics mentioned.

Reduce cost in acquiring new customers

It’s widely acknowledged that retaining an existing customer is five times less expensive than acquiring a new one. Providing a seamless tracking experience guarantees customer satisfaction, decreasing the need to spend heavily on new customer acquisition.

Statistical data published by Semrush show that:

  • The likelihood of selling to a current customer is 60–70%.
  • In contrast, selling to a new customer falls within the 5-20% range.
  • Existing buyers have a 50% greater tendency to try the brand’s new products.
  • “Old” buyers spend 31% more than the average order value.
  • Loyal customers spend 67% more during the third year than in the first six months with a brand.

Customized eCommerce order tracking emails will play an influential role in building strong bonds with your shoppers, turning them into the most loyal brand advocates.

Gather reviews (and boost ranking)

With an integrated tracking system, you will prompt satisfied customers to leave reviews after receiving orders. Positive reviews not only enhance your online reputation but also boost your website’s ranking in search results. How?

As of 2022 and the introduction of AI into search engines, Google and Bing consider customer reviews as the primary ranking factor for eCommerce websites. The more five-star reviews you gather, the higher your products will appear in searches.

We all know the difference between being on the first internet page or elsewhere. As a reminder, 95% of all internet traffic happens on the first page of the SERP. If you are not on the first page, your products are invisible, and you won’t sell.

When you add automated emails sent several days after your buyers receive the ordered product and ask for reviews, the conversion will be above 70%.

Increase the customer lifetime value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) represents the total revenue you can expect from a customer throughout entire relationship with your eCommerce business. It’s important for you because understanding CLV assists in:

  • allocating resources efficiently,
  • prioritizing customer retention,
  • determining how much to invest in acquiring and maintaining each customer.

Introducing order tracking enhances the overall shopping journey. Customers can easily monitor purchases, which reduces uncertainty and builds trust. A more satisfied and trusting customer is more likely to make future purchases from your business. As trust compounds over time, so do the frequency and size of their orders.

On average, retained customers spend 33% more than new ones. Focusing on retaining customers with a good order tracking app significantly boosts your revenue in the long run.

Identify shipment issues

Shipments occasionally face unexpected issues, from logistical bottlenecks to delivery vehicle breakdowns. Without a proper system, problems go unnoticed, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

A 2022 survey by Zendesk showed that over 40% of customers want to be immediately informed about any issues with their orders without contacting customer service.

Automated notifications that alert customers about delivery problems ensure that the business and the customer are on the same page. Proactive communication means faster problem resolution and fewer frustrated customers.

According to Zippia, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95% (published by Business News Daily in August 2023).

Conclusion: Smooth delivery and effective communication during disruptions are vital to achieving higher retention rates and doubling your sales.

Good eCommerce Order Tracking Software

Good order tracking software nurtures your brand reputation, reduces “Where is my order?” queries, increases sales, and provides you with valuable data to improve the shipping and delivery process.

Good eCommerce Order Tracking Software

Good order tracking software is characterized by:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: It should be easy for the eCommerce business owner and the shoppers to navigate and understand.
  2. Easy onboarding: All documentation related to order tracking integration on your website must be easy to understand and available 24/7. Genuine professionals are preferable to outsourcing firms when providing support during your onboarding.
  3. Real-Time Updates: The software should provide up-to-the-minute status updates on orders as they move through the supply chain.
  4. Multi-Carrier Support: It should be able to integrate with various shipping carriers, allowing businesses to track orders regardless of the shipping provider.
  5. Customizable Notifications: Users should be able to set up and receive notifications based on specific triggers, such as order dispatch, in-transit updates, or delivery confirmations.
  6. Adaptability to your brand: A good eCommerce order tracking app must allow you to tailor notification pages and emails to your brand, helping you embed it into buyers’ subconsciousness.
  7. Mobile Access: Good software will offer mobile accessibility, allowing users to track orders on the go.
  8. Data Analytics: It should provide insights into shipping durations, delays, carrier performance, and other metrics that help optimize your shipping process.
  9. Integration Capabilities: The software should easily integrate with eCommerce platforms and CRM tools.
  10. Security: Data privacy and security features are crucial to protecting sensitive customer information and business data.
  11. Scalability: As your eCommerce business grows, the software should be able to handle an increasing number of orders without compromising performance.
  12. Reliable Customer Support: In the event of issues or queries, prompt and helpful customer support should be available.

Why is TrackMage the Best eCommerce Order Tracking Software for Your Success?

Based on hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, TrackMage has positioned itself as the best order-tracking software for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and needs.

Here are 18 powerful reasons to join the TrackMage community and try the app for free.

  1. Real-time order tracking on your website: After your buyer finishes the checkout, TrackMage automatically sends a notification email with an order tracking number and instructions on how to use it. With the tracking number, the buyer will keep coming to your eCommerce website to check the order status.
  2. The largest carrier database: TrackMage’s largest carrier database (1290 carriers and counting) covers you worldwide. No more switching between platforms; streamline your tracking with a single solution. Experience hassle-free shipping, no matter the carrier.
  3.  14-day free trial: Dive into TrackMage’s powerful features without any commitment. Use these 14 days to discover how TrackMage can revolutionize your shipment tracking. It’s a risk-free opportunity to elevate your eCommerce game.
  4.  No coding skills needed: Dive into TrackMage’s platform without any technical hurdles. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, our user-friendly interface ensures you’re up and running in no time. Streamline your shipment tracking without the tech jargon or complicated setups.
  5.  The easiest-to-follow order-tracking documentation: Navigate TrackMage with ease, thanks to our clear and concise documentation. Every feature, every function, explained in simple terms. Spend less time figuring things out and more time optimizing your eCommerce processes.
  6.  Full support during onboarding by TrackMage engineers: Transition smoothly with dedicated support from our TrackMage engineers. Get personalized assistance, tailored solutions, and quick responses to all your queries. Your success is our priority, and our team ensures you kickstart your journey with confidence.
  7.  Customer email validation: Ensure that you’re reaching genuine customers every time. TrackMage’s customer email validation removes the guesswork and increases successful communication. Boost your open rates and effectively engage your customer base.
  8.  All your shipments in one easy-to-use dashboard: Simplify your operations with TrackMage’s centralized dashboard. View, manage, and monitor all your shipments in one place. An organized approach means faster decisions and efficient tracking.
  9.  Customizable product slider widget: Tailor the product slider widget to fit your brand’s aesthetics. Enhance your site’s user experience and showcase your products effectively. An engaging interface leads to higher conversions.
  10.  Customizable notification flows: Shape notifications to resonate with your brand’s voice. Keep your customers informed in a style that’s distinctly yours. Strengthen brand identity while maintaining transparent communication. Maybe the most important notification message is sent after the order is delivered, asking for a review. TrackMage’s emails for gathering reviews have one of the highest conversion rates in eCommerce.
  11.  Carrier performance scores: Make informed decisions with TrackMage’s carrier performance scores. Opt for the best carriers based on proven metrics. Higher carrier performance ensures delighted customers every time.
  12.  User engagement metrics: Understand your customer’s behavior better. With TrackMage’s user engagement metrics, you can fine-tune your strategies for maximum impact. Knowledge is power; with these insights, your eCommerce success is inevitable.
  13.  Real-time data: Stay ahead with TrackMage’s real-time data. Instantaneous insights mean you can act swiftly, adapting to any shipping scenario. It’s not just about speed; it’s about smart, informed actions.
  14.  Bulk tracking: Monitor multiple shipments effortlessly. TrackMage’s bulk tracking offers a panoramic view of all your deliveries, saving you time and energy. Efficiency redefined for modern eCommerce.
  15.  60+ eCommerce platforms: With integration support for over 60 eCommerce platforms, TrackMage offers unparalleled flexibility. Easy integrate TrackMage software on your Shopify, Woocommerce Zapier, online stores. Expand your reach without worrying about compatibility issues. One solution, multiple platforms, endless possibilities.
  16.  Branded tracking page: Create a seamless brand experience with TrackMage’s branded tracking page. Extend your brand’s look and feel to every touchpoint. Consistency is key, and with TrackMage, your brand is always front and center.
  17.  Product recommendations unobtrusively added to notification emails: Elevate your upselling game with subtle product recommendations in notification emails. TrackMage ensures these suggestions are relevant and non-intrusive, paving the way for increased sales. It’s marketing finesse at its best.
  18.  1000+ satisfied customers: Join a vast community of satisfied TrackMage users. When thousands vouch for a platform, it’s not just a tool; it’s a proven strategy. Become a part of the success saga that is TrackMage.

Benefits of Using TrackMage Order Tracking for eCommerce

TrackMage is the best eCommerce order tracking software for 18 reasons

To summarize, using TrackMage, you’ll unlock a suite of advantages for your eCommerce business:

  1. Worldwide Coverage: With the largest carrier database (1290 carriers and growing), you gain global reach. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms.
  2. Risk-Free Exploration: The 14-day free trial lets you test the full range of features, showcasing how your shipment tracking can be transformed.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: There’s no need for coding knowledge; it’s designed for tech novices and experts, ensuring smooth navigation.
  4. Effortless Navigation: The clear documentation allows you to spend less time troubleshooting and more time growing your business.
  5. Dedicated Support: Onboarding is a breeze with TrackMage engineers by your side, ensuring a seamless transition.
  6. Enhanced Communication: The customer email validation feature boosts your outreach efficacy, enhancing your engagement rates.
  7. Centralized Operations: With a single dashboard, managing shipments becomes a streamlined process, leading to quicker decision-making.
  8. Branding Consistency: From the product slider widget to notifications, align every touchpoint with your brand identity.
  9. Optimal Carrier Choices: The carrier performance scores guide you to the best choices, ensuring every delivery satisfies your customers.
  10. Deep Insights: User engagement metrics empower you to optimize strategies, keeping you a step ahead in the eCommerce game.
  11. Immediate Updates: TrackMage’s real-time data equips you to act promptly, making every move a calculated one.
  12. Efficient Monitoring: Oversee all your shipments with the bulk tracking feature, a boon for large-scale operations.
  13. Expansive Integration: With compatibility for 60+ eCommerce platforms, expand your operations without compatibility concerns.
  14. Unified Branding: The branded tracking page ensures every customer interaction echoes your brand ethos.
  15. Smart Upselling: Intelligently inserted product recommendations in emails act as non-intrusive prompts, encouraging additional sales.
  16. Proven Credibility: Thousands of satisfied customers underscore TrackMage’s efficacy, marking it as an essential tool in the eCommerce arsenal.

Embracing TrackMage isn’t just adopting a tool; it’s choosing a holistic strategy designed for eCommerce excellence.

Experience all the benefits with the TrackMage eCommerce order tracking software and increase your sales in a week.

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