January 05, 2024
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Get Email and SMS Updates on Your Tracking Page

Are you tired of checking your delivery status all the time? Our new tracking page feature sends email and SMS updates directly to your inbox or phone. Stay informed about your packages without refreshing the tracking page. Let our system keep you updated every step of the way. Goodbye to manually checking for updates!

What Are Email and SMS Updates on a Tracking Page?

The Role of Tracking Pages in Customer Communication

Email and SMS updates on a tracking page help customers by giving real-time information about package status and location. This helps customers stay informed and manage their expectations, leading to better satisfaction. The updates also bring benefits like increased transparency, fewer customer inquiries, and a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

Brands can customize their notifications by adding personalized details, such as order numbers, estimated delivery dates, and links to extra resources or support. This customization creates a more tailored and seamless communication experience for customers.

The Benefit of Updates for Customers

Customers can get updates on their package through email and SMS. These updates include the current location of the package, estimated delivery time, and any delivery exceptions. This helps customers stay informed and reduces uncertainty.

Customers can choose how often they receive these updates, giving them a personalized experience. If they want to stop receiving updates, they can easily unsubscribe with just a few clicks. This level of control ensures that customers have a positive experience with the brand.

Branded Tracking Page Email/SMS Updates: What You Need to Know

Defining a Branded Tracking Page

Branded tracking pages are important for keeping customers updated on their orders. Companies use these pages to improve the customer experience with personalized features like order status alerts via email and SMS. This helps customers stay informed and engaged during the delivery process, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Customers can also receive text message updates for live tracking and estimated delivery time.

By using branded tracking pages, businesses can effectively communicate with their customers and create a positive post-purchase experience.

How Branded Tracking Pages Enhance Customer Experience

Branded tracking pages improve the customer experience. They provide real-time updates through email and SMS, giving customers information about their orders’ status and location. This transparency builds trust and confidence in the brand, leading to a more positive experience. Tracking pages are important for customer communication, keeping them informed and engaged during shipping. This helps customers know when to expect their deliveries, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

Customers can also customize email and SMS notifications for relevant updates, like delivery notifications or package delays. This customization offers a more personalized and convenient experience, keeping customers well-informed.

Set Up Alerts for Your Tracking Page

Access Your Tracking Page Settings

To access their tracking page settings for email and SMS updates, users can go to the ‘Settings’ section in their account dashboard. There, they will find options to set up alerts for their tracking page. These include notifications for when an order is out for delivery, when it has been delivered, or if there are any delivery exceptions.

Users can also customize their email and SMS notifications. They can choose the frequency of updates, the specific information they want to receive, and the language for notifications. Moreover, users can choose to receive notifications for all their orders or only for specific shipments, based on their preferences.

Choose Email, SMS, or Both

You can manage your email and SMS update preferences by signing up for them through the tracking page. Once you input your contact information, you will start receiving updates about your shipment through email and SMS.

You have the option to choose the frequency of updates. Whether you prefer to receive them in real-time, daily, or weekly.

If at any point you wish to stop receiving these updates, you can easily unsubscribe by following the link provided in the emails or the instructions in the SMS.

This allows you to have control over the information you receive and ensures that you are always informed about the status of your shipment.

Enter Your Contact Information

To sign up for email and SMS updates, just enter your contact information in the provided fields. After signing up, you’ll receive regular updates about your package. These updates can include notifications for out for delivery, successful delivery, and any delays or issues. You can also choose how often you receive these updates. This way, you can stay informed without getting too many notifications.

By entering your contact information and selecting the update frequency, you’ll be kept informed at every step, giving you peace of mind and a convenient tracking experience.

Customize Your Email and SMS Notifications

Select Your Notification Triggers

You can choose to receive updates through email, SMS, or both for your notification triggers on the tracking page. By selecting your preferred communication method, you can stay informed about the latest status of your purchase. This includes knowing if it’s in transit, out for delivery, or has been delivered.

You can also set up tailored alerts based on specific triggers, such as when the package is out for delivery or encounters any delays. This customization ensures that you receive only the updates that are most relevant to you, making your tracking page experience easier.

To further customize your notifications, you can personalize the content and frequency of your email and SMS updates. This includes selecting which delivery milestones you want to receive notifications for, as well as the language and formatting of the messages you receive. These customization options provide a personalized and efficient communication experience that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Write a Personal Message

You can make your email and SMS notifications more personal by including the customer’s name, order details, and estimated delivery date. This helps to keep the customer informed about their shipment in a friendly way.

The messages should give a quick update on the package’s status, any delays, and reassure the customer that the package is still on its way.

It’s best to send personalized notifications at important points, like when the package is out for delivery, if there are delays, and when it’s been delivered. This keeps the customer in the loop without bombarding them with too many updates.

Pick a Sending Schedule

You can choose how often you want to receive updates about your package. You can choose to get updates by email, SMS, or both. You can also pick how often you want to receive these updates: real-time, daily, or weekly. This helps you stay informed about where your package is and when it’s expected to be delivered. For instance, if you want to know right away when your package’s status changes, you can select email and SMS updates.

If you don’t need updates all the time, you can choose to get them less frequently, like every day or every week, to avoid getting too many notifications.

Examples of Brands with Great Tracking Updates

Amazon Shipping Updates

Customers benefit from receiving email and SMS updates on a tracking page. This provides real-time information about the status and location of their shipment.

They can set up alerts for their tracking page to receive notifications for different updates. These include when the item is out for delivery, delivered, or if there are any delays.

Customers can also customize the frequency and type of notifications they receive through email and SMS. This allows them to tailor the updates based on their preferences.

For example, they can choose to receive notifications only for major tracking updates or opt for more frequent notifications for every movement of their shipment.

These customizable options provide customers with the flexibility to stay informed about their orders without receiving excessive notifications.

UPS My Choice Alerts

To sign up for UPS My Choice Alerts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the UPS website.
  2. Create a free My UPS account.

Once your account is set up, you can choose to receive email and SMS updates on your tracking page. These updates include delivery and shipment notifications, as well as any unexpected delays or changes in delivery status. You can also select the frequency of these alerts to stay informed about your package every step of the way. This service provides convenience, peace of mind, and better planning and coordination of deliveries.

Wrapping up

Customers can easily sign up for email and SMS updates during checkout or through their user accounts. They’ll get updates like order confirmations, shipment notifications, and delivery status alerts. They can also stay informed about any delays or changes in their delivery schedule. There’s no limit to the number of updates they can receive, ensuring they’re always in the loop about their orders. This feature provides real-time information and peace of mind for a convenient tracking experience.


How do I sign up to receive email and SMS updates on my tracking page?

To sign up for email and SMS updates:

  • Go to your account settings or preferences section.
  • Look for notification or communication options.
  • Choose email and SMS update preferences.
  • Enter your email and phone number.
  • Receive updates on shipment status, delivery estimates, and exceptions for your packages.
  • Customize the frequency of updates, like real-time, daily summaries, or specific event notifications.
  • Ensure you receive updates that suit your needs and preferences.

What kind of updates can I receive via email and SMS on my tracking page?

Customers can get updates via email and SMS on their tracking page. They’ll know when their package has been shipped, is out for delivery, or has been delivered. They can also choose to get updates on any delivery delays or issues. There’s usually no limit to the number of updates they can get, keeping them informed throughout the shipping process.

Customers may be able to customize how often they get email and SMS updates, like in real-time, daily summaries, or just for important delivery events. This flexibility gives customers control over the type and frequency of updates they get, making tracking personalized and convenient.

Is there a limit to the number of updates I can receive via email and SMS on my tracking page?

You can get as many updates as you want by email and SMS on your tracking page. This helps you know where your shipments are and what’s happening with them.

You can choose how often you get these updates, so it’s based on what works best for you.

If you no longer want these updates, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Just follow the instructions in the email or SMS, or manage your settings on the tracking page.

These features make tracking your shipments easier and more personalized. You can stay informed in a way that suits you best.

Can I choose the frequency of email and SMS updates on my tracking page?

Customers can choose how often they get email and SMS updates on their tracking page. They can select hourly, daily, or weekly updates based on their preferences. Also, there’s a limit to the number of updates they can receive via email and SMS. If they get too many updates, they can adjust the settings to stay within the limit. This gives customers the freedom to customize their tracking page updates to meet their individual needs.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving email and SMS updates on my tracking page?

To stop getting email and SMS updates for tracking, customers can usually find a link or button in the email or message. They can click on it to go to a webpage where they can choose to unsubscribe. Some tracking pages may also allow customers to manage their subscription preferences by adjusting notification settings in their account. It’s essential to know that the process may differ based on the tracking page platform used.

Typically, following the given link or adjusting notification settings is how customers can opt out of receiving updates.

You can receive email and SMS updates on your tracking page. This will keep you informed about your package’s status. It’s a convenient way to monitor the progress of your shipment and make necessary arrangements. Just enter your email and mobile phone number to start receiving real-time notifications.


How can I sign up to receive email and SMS updates on my tracking page?

To sign up for email and SMS updates on your tracking page, log in to your account, go to the notification settings, and select the options to receive updates via email and SMS.

What kind of updates will I receive through email and SMS?

You will receive updates on order confirmations, shipping notifications, exclusive promotions, and important account information through email and SMS. For example, you may receive a text message when your order has been shipped and an email with a special discount offer.

Can I choose the frequency of the updates I receive?

Yes, you can choose the frequency of the updates you receive by adjusting your notification settings in the app or website. For example, you can choose to receive updates daily, weekly, or as they happen.

Is there a cost associated with receiving email and SMS updates?

No, receiving email and SMS updates is free of charge.

How can I stop receiving email and SMS updates on my tracking page?

To stop receiving email and SMS updates, go to your tracking page and look for the option to unsubscribe or manage notifications. For example, on the FedEx tracking page, you can click on “Manage Notifications” and choose to stop receiving updates.

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