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How to Find a China Fulfillment Agent to Upgrade Your Business?

How to Find a China Fulfillment Agent to Upgrade Your Business?
August 4, 2021
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It is crucial to find a fulfillment agent when you are growing and scaling your business. You can use AliExpress and test products, but you should focus on expanding your business. It means improving your shipping and getting high-quality products for the best price. If you already have a top-selling item, you should move from Aliexpress and contact your agent. This person will source, supply, and store products for you. You can improve shipping periods, receive items for a low price, and it will increase your profits.

Besides, exporting orders will be more effective for you compared to working with them one by one. Building strong connections with your agent allows you to know about top-selling items. The agent can share the products that are selling in China, and these items will also sell well in other markets.

So when should you move away from Aliexpress?

When you already have a hot-selling product and your profits make up around $2,500-$5,000 a day, you must start looking for a fulfillment agent in China. Before promoting products using media ads, you should have a well-organized fulfillment system. By doing this beforehand, you will not have to deal with orders and shipping times on Aliexpress.

The main advantage of having an agent is that they will also source and supply your low-selling products as well as the top-selling items. Don’t forget that they care about every sale and that they also have sales targets they aim to reach.

To find an honest seller, you should first start looking on AliExpress.

Finding a fulfillment agent takes some time and hard work but it is a very responsible step. You must contact the supplier from who you have been or currently are ordering. The sellers can observe your history data and believe you are a reliable partner to work with.

First of all, you should visit the seller’s page and click on the “Contact Now” button at the end of the page. Write a letter using a script, explain your intentions, send them the URL of your website and add details. You can also provide documents with the sales statistics of your products to show that you are a serious buyer.

Use Basic English when you are communicating with potential agents and drop shippers because some of them might not be good at English. Also, ask for their social media contacts so you can interact with them via WhatsApp, WeChat, or Skype.

Do this because communicating via AliExpress can be uncomfortable due to shipping information. If the supplier does not offer the services for you, look for suppliers who sell the same products and text them. Make sure your supplier has a good feedback rate on Aliexpress, above 95% is preferable.

What if you can’t find an agent on Aliexpress?

Try to look for agents on Facebook groups and pages or by following the recommendations of other sellers. Moreover, you can try to use a website called Cjdropshipping.com which is famous in the community.  Do your research too whilst searching for an agent until you find the one who is ready to help you.

Cjdropshipping.com has tons of different categories so you should be able to find your products and potencial agent there
Cjdropshipping.com has tons of different categories so you should be able to find your products there

Send money to your supplier via PayPal as “goods” so that you are safe, and use it as “friends” when you trust your agent. Furthermore, consent that agents will be responsible for defective and non-delivered items. They will have to send the products again or return money depending on what the customer wants.

Your VAs should observe all the tracking data to check the authenticity of the tracking. Besides, ask them to send you the total sum including ePacket shipping.

Another recommendation is to find 2 or 3 agents who sell the same products as your current supplier. By doing this, you can compare the prices of various suppliers and choose the best one for you. This will save you extra unplanned spendings.

Finally, aim to have good connections with your agents, don’t be afraid to be informal, ask them how they feel, and so on. This will improve your relationships with them and will upgrade your cooperation.