Imagine real-time tracking of all your global shipments...
Then think bigger. That’s TrackMage.

Pirate Mobile

Provide Amazon-like post purchase experience

to all your customers!

Know when the product is getting to your doorstep
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See shipment status
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Сan buy additional products
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After the package is delivered you get asked to leave a review?
TrackMage makes this fancy functionality available for Shopify, WooCommerce, ClickFunnels and other platforms outside of Amazon. This results in better customer experience and more sales without having to pay for more ads or hire more staff.
You get live shipment status, slashed WISMO requests, new sales and higher customer retention
Your customers get live tracking updates, pickup alerts and an incredible customer experience.
TrackMage plays well with others
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A game changer at startup,
scaleup or enterprise


Validate new customer email addresses

Typos in the customer email can make it impossible to contact that customer. Our custom tool automatically checks email addresses for the most common typos, prompting customers to make corrections.